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We, at Barclay Devere, know and understand your situation during divorce. But, what you need to understand is that divorce is not only an emotional matter but also a financial matter too. In a financial matter, there is a very little place for emotions. That is why you have to be as much practical as you can. However, having said that, it is very difficult to be practical when you are getting separated from a person after being together for so very long.

Taking Matters to the Court

We all know how lengthy the court procedures can become. It really tests your patience. Also, you would love to keep your personal and family matters confidential and private. But, taking the matters to court will make your family problems public which you will not want to happen at any cost.

Moreover, with time, the fee of your lawyer can elevate to a certain extent, which might cost you a fortune. Ultimately, you might get a solution where you have to do something forcefully and not willingly which will cause more damage to the already damaged relationship between you and your ex-spouse. That is why taking matters to the court will give you a result but will not provide you with the much-needed solution.

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One of the most important financial assets in the life of an individual has to be the pension. It secures your future for a time when you will not be in any condition to work and earn money. It gives you the much-needed financial stability for the latter halves of your life. In this regard, when you are getting divorced and dividing your financial assets, you will also need to divide your pension with your ex-spouse. There are plenty of ways in which you could do that.
  1. Pension Sharing: You will be entitled to get a certain percentage of your ex-spouse’s pension in pension sharing. However, in order to make that happen, you need to have an account on the same pension scheme of your ex-spouse. You will get the money in the form of cash. So, it is quite evident that you need to have the account. 
  1. Pension Offsetting: The value of the pension is traded against any other financial assets such as home, cars, etc. This is one of the most common forms of pension division. When you share your pension, the value of money you will be entitled to get will get reduced. In order to make sure that does not happen, you can give your ex-spouse any of your financial assets and you get to keep the whole amount of your pension. In that case, you will have to sign certain agreement papers as well. 
  1. Pension Earmarking: This happens when one of the spouses or both the spouses have not reached the age of retirement. In that case, a portion or the whole pension is earmarked and will be given to the husband or wife once they have reached the age of retirement.

Your Location Also Matters

The place where you live in the United Kingdom also matters when it comes to pension splitting.

If you are from Scotland then the total pension acquired during the marriage or civil relationship by both the spouses or partners will get divided. However, if you are in England, Wales, or Northern Ireland then the total pension accumulated by both the spouses in their lives will get divided.

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Family Mediation Resolution

Barclay Devere to Your Help

As you can see, taking matters to the court may not give you your desired results of solving the issue. A proper solution to the matter would be to have the consent of both the disputing parties while coming to a decision and that consent will not be forceful but the consent should be given willingly.

In this regard, we, at Barclay Devere, will provide you with the assistance of our financial advisors who will make sure that both you and your ex-spouse come to decision with both having given their consent willingly.

We understand how conflicting, confusing, and complicating the situations can get when the matter is about financial settlement after divorce. There are so many legalities involved when you are looking to divide your financial assets. That is why you need experts to help you out in this matter.