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Barclay DeVere Family Mediation Service for all Financial and children related family disputes

Barclay Devere

As a firm of dedicated professional mediation experts, we have the experience and motivation to offer highly effective services to help you to resolve a family, community, civil or commercial dispute. Fundamentally, the mediation process has been devised to encourage a satisfactory self-resolution to be reached between disputing parties, efficiently and cost effectively without the need of expensive litigation.

Barclay DeVere provides mediation at a local level – seven-days a week – at a time and place best suited to the participants. We listen to the concerns of all the individuals involved in a dispute, and encourage you to reach a satisfactory conclusion that will resolve matters in a way that is most acceptable to all. We will promote free and open discussion that will help disputing parties to understand their opponent’s viewpoint, and assist their efforts to reach an agreeable solution to resolve the issues.

By listening to all points-of-view and by considering the concerns of everyone involved, the role of our mediator is to act as an unbiased intermediary and to work with you in an attempt to settle your differences amicably, in the best interests of all sides without the need for costly court intervention

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Family Mediation Resolution

Our qualified professional mediators deliver a sensitive and constructive approach in all types of family disputes.

We appreciate that any family upheaval, such as a divorce, separation or partnership breakdown, can be extremely traumatic for everyone concerned. This can be especially pronounced when children are involved particularly when the dispute concerns custody or access rights.

It is necessary still for martial separation or a divorce to be made legally binding through the court process. However mediation has proved to be an efficient and effective way of settling many of the related issues that evolve. This may involve a dispute over the distribution of property, financial matters, over the arrangements for children or even who should have custody of a family pet.

Barclay DeVere endeavours to provide a safe, secure forum whenever children are involved that allows free-flowing, open discussion that encourages children to feel comfortable discussing their concerns without pressure from either parent.

Why Barclay Devere

If you are experiencing problems with unruly, noisy or aggressive neighbours, or you are in dispute with a local authority, utility provider etc; Barclay Devere can help bring about a self-resolution to your problem by mediating between the disputing parties.

Benefits of Family Mediation:


Most frequent questions and answers

Family mediation can assist any family in the process of separating or divorcing.

For individuals who are separating or divorcing conversations can consist of:

With the help of a mediator, the program can be anything you both accept go over and moderate.

  • How possessions will be divided
  • What occurs to the household house
  • Where and how typically the kids will hang out with each mom and dad
  • Their future education and social activities, so that you as moms and dads can put in place a complete parenting strategy now you have actually separated
  • Assistance payments to be made
  • And how kids will stay connected with their extended household and grandparents.

Family mediation is much quicker and less demanding than heading straight to court.
It is generally less expensive too.
It allows you to form long-lasting services that remain in your household’s benefits.
Family mediation enables families to keep control of their own fates. It assists form settlements over parenting, cash and residential or commercial property, instead of handing control over to the courts.

Anyone chooses not to attend family mediation, or if mediation breaks down, you or your ex might wish to make an application to the court. Unless there is a reasonable exemption to attend family mediation, it is a UK Family court requirement that an FMC accredited family mediator signs off the proper court form/s (c100/form a/fm1) as proof that you have actually thought about or attempted mediation.

The majority of mediation includes the couple meeting the mediator together.

If this is not safe or acceptable we can offer  to meet you independently– either at different times or in different spaces. This is called shuttle mediation.

Also we conduct mediation via zoom, whats app, skype and facetime offering both safety and convenience

Each mediation meeting lasts in between 1 and 2 hours.

Usually 1 or 2 meetings will be required however some problems can be figured out in a single session.

Mediation even when they need several meetings are normally finished within 1 to 3 months.

If you decide to go down the court route this takes anywhere between 6 to 18 months. So mediation is much faster