A low-cost,
effective alternative
to litigation

Civil Mediation

Nobody relishes the prospect of going to court unless it is absolutely unavoidable.

It can be time consuming, costly, confusing and sometimes even intimidating.

Therefore, it can be in everybody’s interests to consider an alternative civil mediation.

Points to consider for Civil Mediation

Civil Mediation From Barclay Devere
civil mediation

At Barclay DeVere we have a specialist team of mediators that can assist clients to reach a satisfactory solution to their dispute without the need for it to progress to court.

Civil Mediation is frequently overlooked as an efficient and effective way of resolving civil disputes. The mediation process has numerous benefits and most disputes can be resolved between the participating parties in a day or two without the need to involve lawyers, although they can be present in an advisory capacity if desired.

Barclay DeVere’s trained mediators will work with both parties involved in a civil dispute and endeavour to bring a resolution by seeking to find common ground that both sides will agree to accept.

Civil Mediation is conducted at a venue agreed between the disputing parties and a time that is convenient to those involved. Generally the process will be conducted in an informal environment such as an office suite or facilities provided in a hotel. Both parties usually share the costs of the participating in the process.

Barclay DeVere’s mediators are trained professionals; most are legally trained and may be practicing lawyers. The process is completely confidential and any discussion involving a mediator is conducted in private and cannot be divulged to the other party. Similarly, anything discussed during the mediation process remains ‘without prejudice’ and cannot be used as evidence if the matter subsequently goes to court.

The mediation process is completely voluntary and participants, or the mediator, can terminate the process if they feel there is no chance of reaching a resolution.