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Face to face to shuttle mediation – It's your mediation

We acknowledge that every relationship is unique.

This is why at Barclay Devere we aspire to offer you the mediation that’s best suited to you.

Rest assured you are provided with a confidential, neutral and safe environment where you communicate through a qualified mediator.

Benefits Of Mediation

Results that last


Our dedicated experts strive to help you resolve disputes pertaining to family, children and financial affairs and provide you an alternative to a lengthy, expensive court battle.

There are two forms of mediation offered to clients.

Local And
Trusted Providers

Face to Face mediation is a form of mediation that is both informal and fast where both parties and mediator meet together in the same room. An impartial mediator will facilitate the process and help the disputing parties reach a resolution quickly. Disputing parties can communicate to one another honestly, benefiting in a satisfactory resolution whereby the relationship between the parties is generally enhanced, and can be seen to evolve towards a sustainable lasting relationship.

Safe And
Confidential Spaces

In some cases however this form of mediation is not possible or desirable. Instead, "shuttle" mediation will be more helpful. In cases where past domestic violence or some form of physical or mental abuse has lead to emotional trauma the option of having a "go-between" mediator could prove more beneficial.

Direct communication would only be with the mediator and the clients would have separate rooms.

Avoid Stress, Cost & Financial Issues NOW

In cases where a client is nervous or concerned about meeting the other party they would be offered separate arrival and departure times and separate waiting areas if necessary. This method of mediation can take longer than Face to Face Mediation and therefore cost more, but if a resolution can be made without facing litigation, the benefits both financially and emotionally would be considerably higher. The clients have control right throughout the process and can decide the final outcome. Either party can withdraw at anytime as the process is voluntary.

What Our Clients Say
Why Barclay Devere Is The Best Choice

We appreciate that any family upheaval, such as a divorce, separation or partnership breakdown, can be extremely traumatic for everyone concerned. This can be especially pronounced when children are involved particularly when the dispute concerns custody or access rights.

It is necessary still for martial separation or a divorce to be made legally binding through the court process. However mediation has proved to be an efficient and effective way of settling many of the related issues that evolve. This may involve a dispute over the distribution of property, financial matters, over the arrangements for children or even who should have custody of a family pet.

Barclay DeVere endeavours to provide a safe, secure forum whenever children are involved that allows free-flowing, open discussion that encourages children to feel comfortable discussing their concerns without pressure from either parent.


If you are experiencing problems with unruly, noisy or aggressive neighbours, or you are in dispute with a local authority, utility provider etc;


Barclay Devere can help bring about a self-resolution to your problem by mediating between the disputing parties.


Both forms of mediation are almost always quicker than going through solicitors and battling it out in a court room. 

This means that considerable time and money is also saved for the disputing parties. Court cases can often become stressful, threatening and intrusive, but mediating is far more relaxed, structured, safe and controlled. 

Another important benefit is confidentiality of the process. 

The disputing parties can be open and direct without reservations and any information or documents that are generated by mediation will remain with the mediator.

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