Family Mediation

Mediation for customers
who live miles apart

Overseas Mediation in Family Matters

Mediation is one of the best ways to settle family disputes across international borders. 

It goes without saying that mediation is becoming one of the most popular choices for parents who can’t rely on the court system to handle and decide matters for them. 

Custody disputes mainly involving expatriates can be highly contentious and may require an understanding of both party’s cultural backgrounds.

Overseas Mediation

We offer professional mediation over video link or Skype, as a means to provide mediation between family members in different countries.

Members can either be in different parts of Europe or across North America; regardless, our mediators will play an impartial role in a bid to help both parties reach an agreement.

A Quick and Often Cost-Effective Process


As a firm of dedicated professional mediation experts, we have the experience and motivation to offer highly effective services to help you to resolve a family, community, civil or commercial dispute.

Fundamentally, the mediation process has been devised to encourage a satisfactory self-resolution to be reached between disputing parties, efficiently and cost effectively without the need of expensive litigation.

Barclay DeVere provides mediation at a local level – seven-days a week – at a time and place best suited to the participants.

Local And
Trusted Providers

Overseas mediation is often a quick, simple, and cost-effective process offering a solution that lasts a long time. Unlike involving the courts of both countries, which can take years, having an impartial mediator helps reduce the risk of the issue spiraling out of control.

Safe And Confidential

Most of all, mediated and negotiated arrangements for children post-divorce or a separation tend to be a lot more effective than any court-imposed order.

The majority of overseas family disputes are resolved within a couple of sessions.

Avoid Stress, Cost & Financial Issues NOW

Furthermore, since the mediation is led by our professionals, everything is kept confidential. In an open court system, confidentiality is one thing that can’t be guaranteed, and that’s often the reason why these disputes have an adverse effect on the most vulnerable members of the family, i.e., kids

Child Relocation Dispute Mediation

One of the challenges with overseas mediation is regarding the change of jurisdiction of the child.

Mediation can help a great deal in cases like these. While both parents may be polarized, it is essential for each parent to be placed in a more relaxed environment, in the presence of a person who will listen carefully to the issue.

As mediators in these issues, we listen carefully to each party’s proposal. So, whatever is said is without prejudice, which means it can’t be used in any court proceedings.

We need to stress that international family law regarding finances and children is a complex and often less understood aspect of international law. All issues must be carefully considered and brought to the negotiating table when the process starts.

Memorandum Of Understanding

Not considering any one party’s view could sink negotiations because the mediation would be flawed. So, it is essential that the mediators be impartial and have international expertise. Our overseas mediators have years of experience in international family law and mediating such disputes.

Once an agreement is reached, it is put into a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) along with a complete summary of the case.

Why Choose Our Overseas Mediation?

Our overseas mediation services offering the following:

Professional and Seasoned Mediators – Our mediators have years of experience mediating all types of disputes. Whether you find yourself in a family dispute or one concerning inherence, we can help you.

Your Confidentially is Assured – We pride ourselves in ensuring that whatever is discussed during the mediation process, is kept private. Your privacy as our client and as a private citizen is guaranteed.

We Use Technology to Mediate Overseas Disputes – Our mediators use technology that’s convenient for both parties. The most commonly used are Skype and Zoom. The goal is to bring both parties on one platform so that their points of view can be discussed in the presence of our mediator.

We Understand International Family Law – Our mediators have a good understanding of international family law, which allows them to mediate disputes in the best possible way. They are also in the best position to help both parties make practical compromises, ensuring a win-win for both.

When are Children Brought in?

We generally try to keep children out of such disputes. We admit that there are times it is important that children be heard. In that case, and if parents agree, children can be brought into the mediation process.

Kids starting from the age of 8 can be brought into the process. They (children) can either meet with the mediator separately or chat via video link if they are across the border. In our experience, the voices of children can often help parents understand how they feel and also help them see reason. So, we’ll allow children to be part of the process if, in our experience, the children’s voices can make a difference without causing distress.

Mediation, on average, takes three sessions of 2 hours each. The sessions can either be face to face at our office or done via Skype. Either party can call at any time to set up an initial meeting. The initial meeting is essential to assess and understand the case before mediation sessions can begin.

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