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Are you in dispute with your ex partner? Do you need to be able to reach a peaceful resolution? Maybe you are amicable but unable to find a suitable solution? Barclay Devere are here to help - your local and trusted family dispute solution experts.

family mediation Brighton

Reduce Disputes Over Child Support

Child support can be a sensitive issue, and disagreements between parents over it can lead to legal battles, adding further stress to an already difficult situation. This is where Barclaydevere Family Mediation Brighton comes in with our expertise in resolving family disputes amicably and effectively.

At Barclay Devere Family Mediation Brighton, we believe in achieving a peaceful resolution to family disputes in the form of mediation. We understand the emotional and financial turmoil created by lengthy legal battles, and our aim is to help families avoid this by providing a more efficient and collaborative process.

What is Family Mediation?

Family mediation is a process that enables families to settle disputes through peaceful negotiations, guided by a mediator who is trained in dispute resolution. At Barclay Devere Family Mediation, we specialize in resolving disputes over child support, but we also help with other family conflicts such as divorce, separation, and access arrangements.

Mediators create a platform where parents can engage in open communication and encourage them to find a resolution that works for all parties involved, including their children. Mediation is solution-focused, helping families avoid lengthy court proceedings and coming up with more practical solutions.

How Family Mediation Can Help With Disputes Over Child Support

Child support battles can be daunting and result in unproductive hostility, but family mediation can help parents achieve a mutually acceptable resolution that is fair for both sides. Here’s how we can help:

Establishing A Dialogue

One of the most common reasons for child support disputes is a lack of communication between parents. Our mediators create a safe environment that encourages open and honest discussions, giving parents the opportunity to negotiate and find a common ground.

Building Agreements

Our mediators help parents build a framework for their new relationship, including establishing child support agreements that are practical and sustainable. We encourage parents to consider their children’s needs, and the agreements made are designed to be flexible, adjust as circumstances change, and encourage cooperation.

Encouraging Collaboration

We believe that collaboration is key to attaining a positive outcome, and our mediators constantly encourage parents to work together. Our mediators facilitate conversations that aim to find the middle ground rather than push parents towards one side of the argument.

Why Choose Barclay Devere Family Mediation Brighton?

At Barclay Devere Family Mediation Brighton, we are committed to providing you with expert guidance and support throughout the mediation process. With over 30 years of experience in family law, our expert mediators are trained to manage the emotional stress of complex family situations.

Our reputation is built on trust, and we pride ourselves on our dedication to finding practical solutions that work for families. We provide a safe space to help parents reach a sustainable agreement without the need for time-consuming, expensive legal battles.

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Disputes over child support can put a significant amount of emotional and financial strain on families. However, family mediation provides an effective, collaborative solution that focuses on achieving a fair resolution in a less daunting and less confrontational manner. At Barclay Devere Family Mediation Brighton, we have the expertise and experience you need to help with these issues. Contact us today to find out more!