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Benefits Of Mediation

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Marriage is a sacred pack that isn’t entered into with an expiration date. While it is unfortunate that many marriages in the UK may come to an end without either party being at fault. Though some people can separate and co-parent, it isn’t the case with all marriages.

Nobody’s dirty laundry should be aired in public, which is the approach that most courts in the country take. While things may not have worked out, and you might still have issues, it would be best to settle those differences privately with a trained professional mediating it.

Taking this approach is a way of respecting the life you once shared and will help keep your private life very private! 

A big part of Asian culture revolves around having a strong family bond.
 That’s why divorce in these communities is rare. But in many modern Asian marriages, especially those in the West, divorce is fast becoming a norm as it isn’t seen as taboo like in older Asian traditions. Though family values continue to be upheld across the entire Asian community.  Asians practice a myriad of religions, from Christianity and Islam to Buddhism, Taoism, Sikhism, and Judaism. However, UK family law is rooted in Christianity, which may not precisely cater to Asian religious beliefs and prevailing culture. 
Why You Need Family Mediation?

Asian families often hesitate to approach the court to address family disputes because it can get messy.

Lots of research suggests that children often become the pawns of a marriage dispute, and that leads to a myriad of psychological issues, which include a higher tendency for divorce, rebellion, and withdrawal.

Both parties may also become so bitter that they can’t stand the sight of each other, and may go unspeakable lengths to cause the other distress. 


Family mediation can help remedy this situation. To start with, mediation dispute resolution is unlike the traditional court system. The mediator is impartial, neutral, and independent. Mediators like ours are trained not just to resolve disputes but also help guide each party to a compromise. 

We have the couple’s best interests in mind, and instead of declaring one party the winner with consequently the other being the loser, our job is to seek balance. In a way that results in a win-win for everyone. 

Why Choose Family Mediation Instead of Going to Court?

Many of us know from experience how the court system works when it comes to solving family issues. The process of filing a case and then going to court can be unending and consequently arduous, to say the least. 

Our mediation team focuses on maintaining cordiality within the family by balancing the interest of both parties so that the situation can be resolved in the best possible way. The best thing is that the formalities required in court do not apply to our mediation process. Furthermore, the process is quick and laid out in an informal manner.  


Mediation happens to be more common in many disputes that most people realize.

Most couples will take their issues to a trusted friend, family member, religious leader, etc.

However, the downside to this is that confidentiality isn’t guaranteed.

Since they are not professional mediators, these people will often take sides, and so the party that has the most acceptable story or plays the victim card, the best will win the dispute.

Confidentiality and Privacy – We can assure you of confidentiality and privacy since what is said does not leave the room. However, assurances are made by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement before the mediation process begins. 

A Conducive Environment – In most cases, you can feel the tension build up between both parties. Things can get especially tense when private information is exposed. We provide a calm environment in which both parties can resolve their issues peacefully and hopefully come to an agreement. 

Impartiality – Mediators have no affiliation with either party, which means that they don’t pick sides. Impartial mediators ensure that the discussion stays on point, and the required compromises are made to settle the dispute. 

Voluntariness – It is entirely your choice to choose family mediation to settle a family dispute. Since you decide to seek the aid of mediators, it helps improve communication and focus on your common and individual interests. 

Prioritizes Family – Family is the centerpiece or focus of the mediation process. Even if the marriage is over, it shouldn’t mean that both parties become enemies. Furthermore, the children shouldn’t be affected by the divorce. 

Flexibility – Unlike the court system in the UK, our mediation takes your beliefs, peculiar culture, and other factors into consideration. We emphasize the core values of Asian culture during the process. 

We know from experience that you are going through trying times and are probably confused about how to move forward while upholding your cultural values. We are here to help you every step of the way while ensuring confidentiality.

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