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Are you in dispute with your ex partner? Do you need to be able to reach a peaceful resolution? Maybe you are amicable but unable to find a suitable solution? Barclay Devere are here to help - your local and trusted family dispute solution experts.

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The Benefits of Shuttle Mediation in High-Conflict Disputes

Are you and your partner facing a high-conflict dispute that seems impossible to resolve peacefully? If so, the team at Barclaydevere Family Mediation Bexhill on Sea may be able to help through shuttle mediation. This unique approach to dispute resolution can offer many benefits for couples struggling to communicate effectively and resolve conflict in a healthy way.

What is Shuttle Mediation?

Shuttle mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution where the two parties are kept separate in different rooms throughout the mediation process. A trained mediator, like those at Barclaydevere Family Mediation Bexhill on Sea, will shuttle between the two rooms, relaying information and proposals back and forth until a resolution can be reached.

Benefits of Shuttle Mediation

Reduced Conflict & Confrontation

One of the biggest benefits of shuttle mediation in high-conflict disputes is that it allows the parties to avoid confrontation and reduces the overall conflict between them. Being in separate rooms can help to de-escalate emotions and create a safer environment for each party to communicate their needs and concerns.

Increased Comfort & Control

Shuttle mediation also offers increased comfort and control for each party involved. By being in a separate room, parties can feel safe to express themselves without fear of retaliation or judgement from the other party. It also allows each party to control the pace of the mediation process and take breaks as needed.

Improved Communication & Understanding

For couples struggling with effective communication, shuttle mediation can help to bridge the gap. The presence of a mediator can ensure that each party feels heard and understood, and the shuttle process allows for careful consideration when responding to the other party’s proposals. This can lead to improved communication and, ultimately, a resolution that works for both parties.

Why Choose Barclaydevere Family Mediation?

At Barclaydevere Family Mediation Bexhill on Sea, our team of trained professionals has years of experience helping couples navigate high-conflict disputes. Our shuttle mediation approach has proven successful in many cases and may be able to help you and your partner find a way forward. Our team is committed to fostering healthy communication and positive outcomes for all parties involved.

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If you’re facing a high-conflict dispute with your partner, shuttle mediation might be the solution you’ve been looking for. With reduced conflict and confrontation, increased comfort and control, and improved communication and understanding, you could be on your way to a resolution that works for everyone. Contact Barclaydevere Family Mediation Bexhill on Sea today to learn more about how shuttle mediation could benefit your situation.