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Are you facing a maintenance dispute with your older child? Our comprehensive guide pro-vides useful insights and tips to help you navigate the situation. Contact Barclay Devere in St Albans for more information.

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Navigating Maintenance Disputes for Older Children: A Comprehensive Guide

As children grow older, the issue of maintenance payments becomes more complicated. While parents are legally obliged to financially support their children until they reach the age of 18, this obligation continues for longer if the child remains in full-time education or training.

When maintenance disputes arise, it can be difficult to know how to proceed. In this comprehensive guide by Barclay devere St Albans, we will provide you with insights and tips to help navigate the situation.

Understanding Maintenance Payments

Maintenance payments are typically made to the parent with whom the child lives for the majority of the time. However, this may not always be the case, and parents may also agree to divide the costs of caring for the child equally. In situations where the child is older and no longer living with either parent, maintenance payments may be made directly to the child.

It’s worth noting that maintenance payments are intended to cover the basic living costs of the child, such as food, clothing, and housing. They may also cover additional expenses such as school fees and medical costs. However, maintenance payments are not intended to cover luxuries or unnecessary expenses.

Navigating Maintenance Disputes

If you are experiencing a maintenance dispute with your older child, there are several steps you can take to navigate the situation.

  1. Seek legal advice

It’s important to seek legal advice if you are unsure of your legal rights and obligations. A family law solicitor can provide you with guidance on how to proceed and may be able to help you reach an agreement with the other parent.

  1. Consider mediation

Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party helps both parties to reach an agreement. It can be a less confrontational and more cost-effective alternative to going to court. If you are experiencing a maintenance dispute, mediation may be a good option to explore.

  1. Keep accurate records

Maintaining accurate records of all expenses related to your child can be helpful in resolving maintenance disputes. This includes receipts for food, clothing, and other expenses, as well as evidence of any additional costs such as school fees or medical bills.

Advantages of Resolving Maintenance Disputes

Resolving maintenance disputes can offer several advantages:

  • It can provide greater stability for your child, ensuring they receive the financial support they need to thrive.
  • It can reduce conflict and tension between parents, creating a more positive co-parenting relationship.
  • It can save time and money by avoiding court proceedings.

Navigating maintenance disputes can be challenging, especially when dealing with older children. However, seeking legal advice, considering mediation, and keeping accurate records can all help to resolve the situation. At Barclay Devere St Albans, we understand the complexities of family law and can provide you with the guidance you need to reach a positive outcome.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you navigate your maintenance dispute.

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