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Mediation Bedfordshire

Barclay DeVere professionals offer people high-quality confidential mediation services in the County of  Bedfordshire to assist you to resolve family, civil, commercial or community disputes.

Mediations are normally organised at convenient venues that most suit the participants. These can be organised close to your business or home in the County of Bedfordshire.

Although Barclay DeVere offers mediation at a local level, we also provide family, commercial, civil and community mediation throughout the UK.

In the case of family and community mediations, these can be arranged in Bedfordshire 7-days a week at times convenient to the participants, including evenings and weekends.

Barclay DeVere mediators are trained to listen to the concerns of each party and encourage those in dispute to reach a self-resolution to their differences that is most practical and acceptable to them.

Mediation Bedfordshire Services

In cases involving family mediation, the old adages “time is money” and “timing is everything” take on a renewed truthfulness.

In mediation, the length of the entire proceedings as well as the final agreement’s success can be dependent on critical issues involving timing. Some of them are literal timing concerns – like the meeting time for the mediation sessions. Others, however, may involve the speed at which one individual wants to move the mediation versus the other party.

This strategy should also be applied to any relatively recent family issue such as a divorce. All this is a result of non- communication. When people go on without communicating with each other for long intervals it gives rise to doubts and suspicions which lead to bonds getting weaker within the family.

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Couples mediation. 

When children are involved during the family resolution process, we ensure that their views are heard within a safe forum that enables them to be openly forthcoming with their comments.

At Barclay DeVere we are sensitive to the needs of all participants. It is not our place to take sides or to cast judgments over the rights and wrongs of a dispute.

Nevertheless, the mediator will ensure that the process is conducted sympathetically and with complete impartiality.

Our aim is to help the participants to reach the most practicable solution to their dispute efficiently, effectively and with the minimum of stress.

Barclay DeVere’s mediation services are available throughout the County of Bedfordshire to provide an informal approach to dispute resolutions.

Mediation encourages people involved in family, commercial, civil or community disputes to discuss their concerns openly in an informal environment. Although lawyers can be present to provide advice; their attendance during the mediation process is not mandatory and is a matter of personal choice. 

How Barclay DeVere can assist you to:

After a while, members end up arguing and fighting over family matters which lead to dispute.

This is where our mediators come into play. Family mediators are people who work at the family mediation centre and provide services to families that are dealing with sensitive issues like disputes over property, custody of a child or elderly care.

The bulk of the charges that will burden the spouse are directly related to the time taken in the divorce process.

As solicitors make up billable hours, the fees will increase.

A further complication is where the parties involved cannot agree on the share of the aforementioned equity.

Deciding the fate of children becomes easier due to their involvement in the mediation process As time lapses accumulating legal fees can rapidly skyrocket, making beneficiaries of your wealth lawyers representing you in court. 

Mediation saves you money because you are taking control of the process and decision making.

If you are considering mediation Bedfordshire, Barclay Devere is a perfect choice.
  • Effectively deal with families, commercial, civil and community disputes without the need to go to court
  • No need for legal representation
  • Couples mediation for parental plans and children decisions.
  • Solve differences that are the cause of disputes between family members, business partners, employers, neighbours, communities etc.
  • Professional accredited mediators Bedford
  • Reach a positive conclusion to disagreements in any kind of family, commercial, civil or community dispute without the involvement of the courts

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Mediation your proven solution to fixing family disputes fast.

In the United Kingdom, families are required to undergo mediation before any court case in order to resolve their disputes.

This process has proved to be a cost effective alternative to court.

One of the reasons that families are more inclined to use mediation is the fact that it can save a lot of money on legal fees.

Most commonly, when a court case is filed, one of the costs that can be incurred is the payment of a lawyer.

When the matter is being handled through a mediator, most families are able to save up to sixty percent of the attorney’s fees by using mediation.

When you take a look at the United Kingdom laws, it becomes clear that both parties should be able to communicate with the other without being held back by any clauses in the law.


In addition, there should be equal power between the two individuals to seek out the solution to a dispute.

In this way, a family is able to reach out to an agreement between themselves and with the help of a Barclay Devere family mediator Bedfordshire to seek a mutually acceptable solution for the specific dispute.

Using mediation to settle disputes is usually cost effective as well as proving to be a productive way to settle any problem.