Family Mediation Hampshire

Breakdowns in families are known to come with resentful and angry ex-partners who are usually unwilling to negotiate. Even though, there are a lot of situations involving family mediation where litigation can be undertaken in a more cordial manner. Family mediation is the process in which an unbiased third party intervenes through a family involved in a breakdown to help them communicate with one another in a better way so that they can reach their own informed and agreed on decisions by negotiation.

In such situations, the parties involved have the chance to end up in agreements concerning the divorce details including child custody arrangements, the division of assets, and other family issues. This is the most beneficial approach to both parties since it gives them the opportunity to hash out their issues considering their terms instead of relying on single-minded rulings inflicted by the courts.

Family mediators Hampshire provides mediation services and is dedicated to helping people get to an agreement. If children are involved in the family resolution process, Family mediators Hampshire guarantees that their views are heard under a safe forum which empowers them to be transparently inevitable with their remarks.

The agreements reached are usually not binding as opposed to the decisions that would be made through court enforcement. During mediation, the mediator tries to note a common ground between the partners. In case the ex-partners are not comfortable being in the same room, a shuttle mediation is used.

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The Barclay Devere Difference

This means that the mediator will speak with one of the ex-partners alone and then speaks to the other by presenting everyone’s proposals separately to the two parties. Once an agreement is reached, a memorandum of understanding is formed by the mediator to let every party involved understand the whole agreement.

Mediation Hampshire offers more than just single room and shuttle mediation; it offers skype services for couples or other family members who are far apart or unable to physically attend mediation sessions. Mediation Hampshire also offers evening and weekend appointments- all services are offered all days of the week at a place and at the time that best suits the participants.

Mediation Hampshire provides its services in various towns across the country. These towns include Aldershot, Alton, Andover, Basingstoke, Eastleigh, Fareham, Farnborough, Fleet, Gosport, Havant, Lymington, Petersfield, Portsmouth, Ringwood, Romsey, Southampton, Southsea, Waterlooville, Winchester, Whitchurch, and Yateley.

The Cost of Mediation

It is clear, as evidenced by various researches conducted that mediation is quicker and cost-effective as contrasted to solicitors or family court and lawyer negotiations. The charges for mediation usually vary about the individual services needed. Some mediation services charge hourly, some charge per session and others even offer fixed fee packages. You can always be informed of the likely costs and how you can pay for the mediation service you need. There are many mediators, so you have the advantage of searching for the mediator with the exact service you need at affordable charges. Family mediators Hampshire have got no hidden costs and also have numbers that you can call to be guided on the costs of your meditation service.

The current costs are as follows

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) – £99.00 for every person.
FM1 for court purposes – £49.00
Mediation sessions from Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm – £150 per person for every session of 90 minutes.
Mediation sessions out of office hours from Monday to Friday 5.30pm to 8.30pm and Weekends – POA
Preparation of the open statement of financial information – from £60.00 per hour for every person
Preparation of a parenting plan – from £60.00 for every person.
Preparation of a memorandum of understanding – from £60.00 per hour for every person.

These family mediation specialists also have fixed cost divorce and separation packages which include bronze, silver and gold packages. The fixed price covers the associated and mediation services. Just in case you are on a low income or unable to afford the services, legal aid can come to your rescue. You can get legal aid to pay for your mediation sessions or Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting(MIAM).

Courts, on the other hand, usually have unstable legal costs involved throughout the trial. You will notice a lot of instances of discussion and new issues arising hence stretching the time and the costs associated with the divorce proceedings. The costs involved include filing fees and attorney`s fees. The time factor consumes additional money through various ways. Some of them being that filing a suite requires time lets say 10 hrs, and it is charged, supporting your case with evidence, and other things require time and money, reviewing the claim and attending trial all have costs attached. These are just a few of the many charges which makes it more expensive to go through the court.

Mediation is Perfect for Sorting out Financial and Child Matters

Family mediators are important when it comes to assisting divorced couples or broken families to reach decisions on the important things concerning them and their families. Mediators will help you lay plans for the future at the same time let you agree on what will suit you the most; this can save you money, time and also relieve you off too much stress. The mediation process will give you time to think about the most important things for your family and children. You will be able to make the best arrangements to help your children and also think of the most important things that will help your children as they grow up. After a successful mediation, you will end up with better ways to deal with your money and plan your future finances; it does not matter whether you are a parent or not.

MIAMS – Why you have to Mediate Before Court

The Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting(MIAM)is usually the first meeting held with the mediator. This meeting gives you the opportunity to learn how meditation works.

The mediator will also determine if mediation is the right option for your family, you will discuss the number of sessions you will need, the cost of the sessions, and let you know whether you can get legal aid if need be.

Apart from these, the mediator can also provide you with information on other helpful services and support and other options for resolving your issues.

On the off chance that you choose not to proceed with mediation or deem it unreasonable in your conditions then the mediator assigns the relevant court frame to indicate you have considered mediation. This will call for the form FM1, which will confirm that you have attended the MIAM hence will give you the opportunity to go ahead with the proceedings that are needed to solve your conflict.

It is necessary for the affected parties to attend the MIAM meeting together even though the meeting is not such a necessity and it does not matter if they do not attend at the same time.

The mediator can also decide to issue form FM1 if he or she thinks that the affected parties may not be able to agree on the necessary issues through this method. The first meeting and the form FM1 implies that you can indict your case if that is the next thing you decide to do.

Confidential mediation in the County of Hampshire


Barclay DeVere professionals offer high-quality confidential mediation services in the County of Hampshire to assist you resolve family, civil, commercial or community disputes.

Our qualified mediators are trained to exceptional standards to deliver a motivated approach that offers a flexible means of settling a dispute without resorting to court action.

Mediations are normally organised at convenient venues that most suit the participants. These can be organised close to your business or home in the County of Hampshire.

Although Barclay DeVere offers mediation at a local level, we also provide family, commercial, civil and community mediation throughout the UK.

In the case of family and community mediations, these can be arranged in Hampshire 7-days a week at times convenient to the participants, including evenings and weekends.

Barclay DeVere mediators are trained to listen to the concerns of each party and encourage those in dispute to reach a self-resolution to their differences that is most practical and acceptable to them.

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When children are involved during the family resolution process, we ensure that their views are heard within a safe forum that enables them to be openly forthcoming with their comments.

At Barclay DeVere we are sensitive to the needs of all participants. It is not our place to take sides or to cast judgements over the rights and wrongs of a dispute. Nevertheless, the mediator will ensure that the process is conducted sympathetically and with complete impartiality. Our aim is to help the participants to reach the most practicable solution to their dispute efficiently, effectively and with the minimum of stress.

Barclay DeVere’s mediation services are available throughout the County of Hampshire to provide an informal approach to dispute resolutions. The process is usually successful resulting  in an acceptable agreement being reached between the parties involved without the need for costly litigation. The Court process should only be used as a final solution when all other routes to resolve a dispute have failed.

Mediation encourages those involved in family, commercial, civil or community disputes to discuss their concerns openly in an informal environment. Although lawyers can be present to provide advice; their attendance during the mediation process is not mandatory and is a matter of personal choice. The mediation process is proving to be a popular and extremely beneficial way for parties to communicate in a controlled environment with the aim of resolving their differences.

How Barclay DeVere can assist you to:

  • Effectively deal with family, commercial, civil and community disputes without the need to go to court
  • No need for legal representation
  • Resolve family disputes involving arrangements for children following a marriage or partnership breakdown
  • Reach an agreement to resolve difficult situations without the need for court orders
  • Solve differences that are the cause of disputes between family members, business partners, employers, neighbours, communities etc.
  • Reach a positive conclusion to disagreements in any kind of family, commercial, civil or community dispute without the involvement of the courts

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