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Mediation Middlesex

Family Divorce Mediation Middlesex

Barclay DeVere Mediation professionals offer high-quality confidential mediation services in the County of Middlesex to assist you resolve family, civil, commercial or community disputes.

Our qualified mediators Middlesex are trained to exceptional standards to deliver a motivated approach that offers a flexible means of settling a dispute without resorting to court action.

Mediations are normally organised at convenient venues that most suit the participants. These can be organised close to your business or home in the County of Middlesex.

Although Barclay DeVere offers mediation at a local level, we also provide family, commercial, civil and community mediation throughout the UK.

In the case of family and community mediations, these can be arranged in Middlesex 7-days a week at times convenient to the participants, including evenings and weekends.

Barclay DeVere mediators are trained to listen to the concerns of each party and encourage those in dispute to reach a self-resolution to their differences that is most practical and acceptable to them.

Family Mediation Middlesex Services

How Barclay DeVere can assist you to:

  • Effectively deal with family, commercial, civil and community disputes without the need to go to court
  • No need for legal representation
  • Resolve family disputes involving arrangements for children following a marriage or partnership breakdown
  • Solve differences that are the cause of disputes between family members, business partners, employers, neighbours, communities etc.
  • Reach a positive conclusion to disagreements in any kind of family, commercial, civil or community dispute without the involvement of the courts

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