No families are immune to disputes or troubles, and when this happens, just like for a divorce, there are some arrangements that have to be sorted for many parents. Most of the time, people take the matter to court in an attempt to settle things after separating but this is costly and issues for parents can get resolved but with little control from the individuals.

mediation Surrey

Mediation Surrey

It has many advantages over legal actions, which is why more and more people are slowly but surely choosing this path. First of all it is confidential which is perfect for child arrangements.

It does not take place in a court and, thus, there are no employees or other persons present during the procedure. We cover the whole of the County including Guildford, Woking, Epsom Surrey.

Instead, it takes place in our office, where only the parties concerned are involved. This is a very important aspect as people generally like their private lives to remain private and we do not fail to keep it as such.

Benefits Of Mediation Surrey

Mediation Surrey Services

Family Mediation Surrey services provide an avenue to resolve family, community, civil or commercial disputes in a cost effective and controlled manner that allows individuals to stay in control of the whole process.

During the mediation process professionally trained mediation experts provide impartial an view to assist negotiations, and also provide legal advice where required.

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Parenting Family Mediation Surrey

No families are immune to disputes or troubles, and when this happens, just like for a divorce, there are some arrangements that have to be sorted for many parents.

Most of the time, people take the matter to court in an attempt to settle things after separating but this is costly and issues for parents can get resolved but with little control from the individuals.

It is perfect for sorting out financial and child matters

Children are often involved in disputes for many parents. For such matters, it is better to choose us over a court. The main reason is that a court case can be particularly stressful, especially for children as they have to be involved in all the hassle and have meetings normally with CAFCASS. With Barclay Devere Surrey locals can opt for NOBODY HAS TO to appear in court in front of judges and lawyers.

Also, everything is done in such a way that the child does not feel pressured and is kept out of the situation.

Overview of Surrey mediation Barclay DeVere service

We operate a process by we help to settle their disputes without having to resort to a court. We are fully trained and professional and, most importantly, he is independent. He, therefore, seeks to strike an agreement in a way that will satisfy all the parties without any

Mediation Surrey Services

– There is less stress

The next benefit is the fact that it is way less stressful. Going to court is not as easy as one may think, and this can result in exponentially increased levels of stress. This is because people involved in a court case constantly have to answer all sorts of questions from judges and lawyers. Furthermore, they have to keep injecting huge amounts of money in the process while not knowing for sure what the outcome will be. 

All this pressure and uncertainty contributes to making people more stressed. Things are different with ourselves as all of the aforementioned inconveniences are very limited when they are not present at all.

– Parties have more influence on the outcome

When opting for the service, the parties have more influence on the outcome because they are the ones who make all the decision.

This is so because in court, the judge has the final word and everybody has to abide by the latter’s decision. Barclay Devere is here to help the parties reach an agreement that will suit every single one of them. In fact, each party comes up with propositions about the decisions to be made, and all of these are taken into consideration. Thus, the outcome is based on all the propositions, unlike in court where the judge chooses between one of the two parties.

– It is less costly

Going to court can be very expensive. A miam starts from just £99.00 .

Why mediation cheaper than court and solicitors

Sorting agreements out in court can be quite costly, especially when the case spreads over a long period. Opting for mediation is relatively cheap when compared to court fees, and this is due to many reasons. Firstly with Barclay Devere you do not have any court costs. Therefore, those are not included in his fee. Also, the system does not take as long as court cases. Another reason is that court cases require barristers whereas the parties usually speak for themselves.

It is also adequate for sorting out financial matters like the house or property. Court cases are expensive and resorting to them only results in even more financial losses. For such matters, it is hence more appropriate to turn to a mediator and sort things out quickly.

MIAM – why you have to mediate before going to court

MIAM stands for a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting, and it simply is the first meeting that the parties will have with the mediator. The objective of MIAMS is to inform the involved parties about the way mediation work. After that, we will tell them if it is the right course of action for them, in addition to the cost and the number of sessions that will be required. In other words, MIAM is like an assessment meeting, where we inform the parties everything they need to know before the joint meetings start.

Face to face or shuttle mediation?

There are two ways in which the mediation procedures can be carried out. The first one is called face to face mediation, and this is when the hearing is done with both parties sitting in a single room. This is considered the best option, as the process is faster because the involved persons can respond instantly regarding whether or not the proposed arrangements are good for them.

The other option is called shuttle mediation.

In this one, the parties are placed in separate individual rooms and we go back and forth from one room to the other. This is more appropriate in situations where it would be preferable for family members not to see each other, for example, because of violent precedents.

The benefits of choosing our mediation organisation Surrey

Barclay DeVere is one of the best firms for mediation Surrey residents can choose. We are ready to go the extra mile to make sure that each our clients find a convenient solution to all their family problems. For example, with Barclay DeVere, the sessions can be held even if one of the parties is not in town. It is still possible even if the latter is not in the country at all. Distance is not a barrier because we offer the possibility to carry out Skype mediation.

Besides, we understand that people do not all have the same job, which means that their availability varies from one person to the other. For instance, some people might be free during the day while others are working at that time. This is why we are very flexible insofar as our opening hours are concerned. It is not uncommon for us to receive clients during the evening. This flexibility is not only limited to the time, but also the day as some people might not have any free time during weekdays at all.

As a result, we have also made family mediation surrey residents have access to available during weekends.In addition to family mediation, we provide a variety of services no matter what type of mediation Surrey residents might need. This includes workplace mediation. Mediations are normally organised at convenient offices in Surrey that most suit the participants. These can be organised close to your business or home.

Barclay DeVere are trained to offer and listen to the concerns of each party and encourage those in dispute to reach a self-resolution to their differences that is most practical and acceptable to them.

At Barclay DeVere we are sensitive to the needs of all participants. It is not our place to take sides or to cast judgements over the rights and wrongs of a dispute. Nevertheless we will ensure that the MEETINGS are conducted sympathetically and with complete impartiality.

Our aim is to help the participants to reach the most practicable solution to their dispute efficiently, effectively and with the minimum of stress.

Barclay DeVere’s mediation services are available throughout the County of Surrey to provide an informal approach to dispute resolutions. The outcome is usually successful resulting  in an acceptable agreement being reached between the parties involved without the need for costly litigation. The Court process should only be used as a final solution when all other routes to resolve a dispute have failed.

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