The 12 fastest ways to ensure a bad result in mediation

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“Avoiding Mediation Success: 12 Surefire Ways to Derail the Process”

This can be a very challenging process, and it is natural to feel apprehensive about it. However, there are some common mistakes that can completely derail your mediation process, resulting in a bad outcome.

In this article, we will discuss the 12 fastest ways to ensure a bad result in mediation, and how you can avoid them.

  1. Refusing to compromise: It requires a willingness to compromise. If you are not open to compromise, you will not be able to reach a mutually beneficial solution.
  2. Focusing on the past: It is not about assigning blame or dwelling on past events. Instead, it is about finding solutions for the future.
  3. Being unprepared: Come to mediation prepared with all relevant information, documents, and a clear idea of what you want to achieve.
  4. Being disrespectful: It requires respectful communication. Being disrespectful or confrontational will only create further conflict.
  5. Failing to listen: Listening is essential to understanding the other party’s perspective and finding common ground.
  6. Not communicating effectively: Effective communication is key to a successful mediation process. Make sure you clearly communicate your thoughts and feelings.
  7. Hiding information: Hiding information can damage trust and make it difficult to find a mutually beneficial solution.
  8. Being inflexible: Flexibility is necessary in mediation. If you are unwilling to consider alternative solutions, mediation may not be successful.
  9. Allowing emotions to take over: Emotions can run high , but it is important to remain calm and rational. Letting emotions take over can derail the process.
  10. Being unrealistic: It is important to have realistic expectations for the entire process. If you have unrealistic expectations, you may be disappointed with the outcome.
  11. Allowing third-party interference: The process is about the parties involved finding a solution. Allowing third-party interference can complicate the process.
  12. Not working with a qualified mediator: Working with an experienced and qualified mediator is essential for a successful mediation process.

Avoiding these 12 mistakes can help you achieve a successful outcome in mediation. At Barclaydevere, we have experienced mediators who can guide you through the process and help you achieve a positive outcome.

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financial mediation

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